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Downtown District

Downtown District 

The Downtown District  is intended to serve as a community retail center in a mixed-use, pedestrian oriented environment.  Open space, street trees, lighting, benches and other amenities create a human scale environment.  The standards of this area are unique to the Downtown District.

Downtown Incentives

Chapter 380 Municipal Grant Program
On June 16, 2008, City Council amended the 
Chapter 380 municipal grant program to include new considerations for downtown projects. The minimum investment requirement of increased real and personal property was lowered to $250,000 to qualify for a grant. In addition to the uses already approved, grant funds may be utilized for downtown improvements such as paved sidewalks, facades, street lighting, signage, and benches.

Please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at (281) 996-3250 for information regarding qualifications.

Neighborhood Empowerment Zone #1
On June 16, 2008, the City Council designated the 
Downtown District as Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) #1. This designation provides the following incentives to encourage development, renovation, and expansion in the downtown district. The City will:
-Waive one hundred percent (100%) of all fees related to construction and development, including zoning, platting, site plan review, building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and gas permits;
-Waive one hundred percent (100%) of water and wastewater impact fees; and
- Potentially abate real property taxes in accordance with the City's tax abatement policies.