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Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Captain Shari Burrows and consists of one Sergeant, one Juvenile Investigator, two crime scene technicians/evidence and property custodians, two Special Investigators assigned to the DEA and FBI task forces, one in-house narcotics investigator, five general investigators and a crime victim liaison.

Hours of Operation
The Division members work eight hour shifts, five days a week; primarily Monday through Friday.  Situations that require the services of a detective outside normal business hours are handled on a "call-out" basis.

The Friendswood Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is committed to the safety of Friendswood and will investigate all crimes to attempt to obtain a final result.

Staff Contacts

Captain Josh Rogers (281) 996-3340
Sergeant Mike Cordero (281) 996-3341
Investigator Eric Price (281) 996-3346
Juvenile Investigator
Sex Crimes/Sex Offender Registration
Will Higgs (281) 996-3351
Investigator Ronnie Powledge (281) 996-3350
Investigator Simon Anguiano (281) 996-3347
Investigator Doug Bacon (281) 996-3344
Crime Scene Technician/Property Room Manager Johnny Tram (281) 996-3373
Investigator Ed DeLaCerda (281) 996-3348
Crime Victim Liaison Gina Mendez (281) 996-3349