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Communications Division

The Communications Division disseminates calls for service for the Police Department, Fire and EMS departments, 9-1-1, Humane Department and after hours calls for all City Services.  Communications Operators are trained as Emergency Medical Dispatchers and follow strict protocol.  In order to expedite the correct response team certain questions are required.  When you call the Police Department please give the address of the incident, your phone number and your name to the Communications Operator.  All questions have relevance.  Concerns or questions regarding the communications division should be directed to the Assistant Information Services Supervisor at (281) 996-3315.

Services Available

If you are planning on a trip and will not be at your home for an extended period of time, we invite you to request a
vacation watchThe form must be complete and delivered to the communications oeprator along with picture identification.

To access police activity in your neighborhood or to retrieve an incident or accident report, go to P2C (Police-to-Citizen).  Citizens may perform simple searches for police incidents/arrests, download reports and obtain inmate information.