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The CodeRED® service, from Emergency Communications Network LLC, enables government officials to send personalized voice, email and text messages to thousands of citizens in minutes.

In 2015 the city transitioned to the CodeRED® emergency communication system from the FirstCall system. This system provides emergency phone calls, text messages, emails, social media updates, a smart phone application, and communications to hearing impaired devices. With this tool the city can call your cell phone to keep you informed of emergency situations and evacuation orders. To register, click the link below and enter your contact information. If you have previously registered your contact information in FirstCall, your information was automatically transferred into CodeRED and no further action is required.


The link to the registration form below is for those Friendswood residents with unlisted phone numbers. Examples of unlisted phone numbers are:

  1. Residents with land lines not listed in the phone book.
  2. Residents that have cell phones as primary means of voice contact.
  3. Residents that want to receive messages via cell phone or text messaging as a secondary means of contact.

      Click here to register