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Code Enforcement

 Code Enforcement

Through the Code Enforcement program, city staff works to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Friendswood residents through the reasonable enforcement of the city's codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement works with multiple city departments in the enforcement of the Code of Ordinances. By conducting both proactive and responsive code enforcement, we ensure that the homes and businesses throughout the community are well maintained and remain in compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.

Reporting a Suspected Code Violation
If you see a suspected code violation in your neighborhood, please contact Code Enforcement. A Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the suspected violation and decide if further action needs to be taken. All questions and concerns may be submitted here. If you prefer to speak with a Code Enforcement Officer regarding your question or concern,
please contact Alex Mendoza, 281-996-3236.


Code Enforcement handles a variety of issues; the following is a list of common code violations:


Construction without Permits

High Grass and Weeds

Junk Vehicles


Swimming Pool Violation

Unhealthy Condition of Property

Unsafe Structure



Construction Without Permits
Projects that involve altering, repairing, constructing, or moving a structure require a permit. This also includes ALL flat work.  It is the responsibility of the owner of the property to ensure that the proper permits are obtained by the contractor or the owner themselves before beginning construction.

Please contact the Permits and Inspections Department at  

281-996-3201 for more information about how to obtain permits.  



High Grass & Weeds
Friendswood property owners are responsible for maintaining the grass and vegetation on their property. This includes the front, back and sides of the parcel.

On CULTIVATED properties where the distance between the growing crop and abutting property under different ownership or from a street right-of-way is less than 50 feet, a nuisance is not declared until grass and weeds grow to a height greater than nine inches.


On UNCULTIVATED agricultural properties or tracts of land that contain no structures used or designed for human occupancy for residential or commercial purposes, a nuisance is not declared until grass and weeds grow to a height greater than 24 inches within 50 feet from any adjacent property under different ownership or from any street right-of-way.



Junk Vehicles

A junk vehicle is defined as one that displays an expired license plate or invalid motor vehicle inspection certificate and is wrecked, dismantled, or discarded, or is inoperable for more than 72 hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or 30 consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.




Swimming Pool Violation

Every person in possession of land within the city, either as owner, purchaser under contract, lessee, tenant or licensee, upon which is situated a swimming pool:

Shall at all times maintain upon the lot or premises on which the swimming pool is located, and completely surrounding the swimming pool, lot or premises, a fence, wall or other solid structure designed to comply with the requirements of appendix G of the 2009 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings. Residents shall also maintain the pool so that it does not become unsanitary or host as a breeding ground for mosquitos.











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